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Using only the finest natural ingredients, we create an aromatherapeutic air sanitizing solution carefully blended with DST+ (Nano Double Silver Titanium Dioxide).


DST+ is specially formulated with ingredient which is non-foaming, non-skin irritating, and environmentally friendly. It is made of Colloidal Silver, Nano AG+ Ion & Nano TiO2 ingredients which offer disinfecting and sanitizing capabilities through its antibacterial, anti-fungicidal, and anti-viral properties and also enjoys the benefits of aromatic benefits


Aromatherapeutic Air Sanitizing Solutions that facilitate air hygiene, Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal, Eliminates Odours & Smoke
Comes in 100ml & 30ml easy pump bottle
For Use in GoodAire H1, Sanz Humidifiers, also suitable for other air diffusers/humidifiers.

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GoodAire Sanz Humidifiers

All our air humidifer and diffuser are tested in accordance to the Euporean Standards and comes with one year warranty with the use of our GoodAire Organic Air Diffuser Solution or Chlorine Dioxide (CI02) tablet.

Discover our GoodAire Lifestyle products from alcohol-free sanitizers, deet free organic mosquito repellent, mask, hand soap & dish wash. 

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