Is Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) a Safe and Effective Disinfectant ?


ChlorineDioxide (ClO2) is a very effective and safe disinfectant. 

It aggressively kills bacteria, viruses and parasites. ClO2 is widely used across variety industries, commercial and households as a disinfectant such as Food and Beverage productions, Public Water Treatment and Medical Applications. 


Our solution is non-toxic,non-corrosive,non-tainting, and safe for environments with humans, babies and pets. ClO2 strong redox effect effectively sterilizes and kills harmful microorganisms.


What is GoodAire DST+?


Nano Double Silver Titanium Dioxide Plus (DST+) bond to a treated surface at the molecular level, ensuring that product coatings are not removed by regular routine cleaning processes and traditional detergent solutions.


DST+ has proven to neutralize odour-causing microbes on treated surfaces for up to 3 months or longer.  DST+ is environmentally friendly and non flammable. It contains USEPA (USA’s Environmental Protection Agency) approved antimicrobial active ingredients.


Why GoodAire?


At GoodAire, we are committed to providing quality and environmentally friendly products that are effective and safe for use for everyone.

All our products are lab tested and proven effective.